Let a Real Estate Broker who is also an Attorney help and protect you when you sell or buy your new home or investment property!


In June of this year (2015) we found the need to sell our family's home of 50+ years. My brothers and sisters wanted to make sure we prepared the home for a new owner, an owner that would appreciate it as much as we did. Our parents also raised us to make sure we were wise in financial decisions. We wanted to work with a Realtor that assisted in meeting our needs.

From the first day we met with Richard Arroyo he spoke of "presentation, disclosure, and value". "Presentation" - the house will sell much quicker and at a higher price if there was less to repair and that the house had a "modern" feel. "Disclosure" - share what we know of the house and its surroundings so the buyer is not surprised in any way of the "personality" of the home. Value -understand the values of homes in the same market and be mindful of current trends when establishing a price range as well as accepting or denying offers.

Over a 3 month period we put in new flooring (with Richard's contact for flooring), prepped and painted all 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, living room and family room, and kitchen (once again with Richard's contact's assistant) and replaced windows, countertops as well as some wall tiles. Richard kept in contact with us during all the repairs and "remodeling". He made it a point to provide guidance and recommendations sharing his experience in what sold homes. He shared prices of homes in the area and took us on trips to houses that were in the same market so we knew "our competition". Richard's legal experience and recommendations assisted us in doing the right thing in all we did when making improvements to the home and preparing it for the next family.

When complete with our home upgrades and repairs, Richard took over. His "realty network" and support group went to work immediately. He set up a professional photographer to take many pictures from different angles. Our home showed like a "model home". We were all so proud of how the house was transformed into a "dream" home for a new family, much like we experienced it back in the early 60's. Richard informed us of visits from other realtors, held "open houses" and provided us feedback as to what potential buyers were saying.

Our home sold in 13 days. We were not surprised as we received multiple offers over the first week. Richard made sure we understood the selling process including documents to sign from a legal perspective. We are all very pleased with Richard's assistance and feel fortunate we selected him as our agent in listing and selling our home.


Fernandez Family

We recently decided to retire and relocate out of state. That decision resulted in either renting or selling our house. We interviewed several Real Estate Companies/Agents in an attempt to get the most productive and interested Company/Agent that would invest the time and effort in not only selling but getting the most out of our house. We wanted someone we knew would work with our schedule and not an Agent that was only after the listing.

We selected Richard Arroyo of Arroyo Realty because he was willing to work with our time schedule, was realistic about pricing and promised to always be present during any showings of the house. He promised to screen potential buyers and not open the house to "lookie loos". Other companies/agents that we interviewed were high pressure, wanted us to sign an immediate agreement and wanted to list the house significantly below market value. Richard Arroyo is also an attorney, which we knew would be extremely helpful with any and all legal issues.

We quickly learned that Richard Arroyo knew the ins and outs of real estate. He advised us to list the house when we knew it was ready to show and begin on a Friday so there would be a fresh listing for the weekend that would give the MLS listing time for other agents to view the listing. He had a professional photographer photograph the house and posted those on the MLS listing. He always wanted our input on the listing and throughout the transaction as he did not want to make any unilaterally decisions without our involvement. The listing was so thorough and complete the buyer's agent told Richard not to accept any offers as they were sure their client would want to purchase the house.

When we were out of state Richard Arroyo was always able to communicate with us and provided us with the ability to electronically sign any agreements or paperwork that needed to be completed. He was able to provide all services that were needed such as termite inspection, escrow, repairs, etc.

We were convinced that Richard Arroyo would use his skills as an attorney, realtor and negotiator in documenting everything to protect the seller. We were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and work ethic that Richard Arroyo put forth in not only selling our home but closing the deal.

By the way, did we mention we sold the house the first day it was available for showing. We are convinced that was a result of Richard Arroyo's efforts, advice, and assistance in listing our house.

Thanks Richard!


Paul & Sharon Redden